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The EAP services provided by Freckman & Associates takes the broad-brush approach. That is, we assist with all problems, (emotional, social, fmancial, family, chemical dependencies, etc). By utilizing this approach there is less stigma to the program, (i.e: EAP is for alcoholics only).

The cornerstone of our organization is our commitment to quality, integrity and professionalism. The first and for most concerns ofFreckman & Associates is that our clients are provided with the highest level of quality services in a cost effective manner.

Freckman & Associates is comprised of licensed and certified professionals that provide a variety of clinical expertise to clients. Several of our staff are qualified Substance Abuse Professionals. Over the years we have developed and provided staff with ongoing training to enhance their skills. We have assembled a quality staff and consultants to meet the unique needs of the companies that we serve.

Our Commitment to quality service is evidenced by the following:

Freckman & Associates offers professional EAP services that are convenient, confidential and cost-efficient. These services include:

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