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LifeHubTM is a subscription based online life management tool for employees and their families. It was developed by a team of experts (Organizational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Behavioral Health Specialists and Technologists) to provide personal and professional resources, information, learning and development opportunities. This type of support will never replace the need for Counseling and Coaching Services or direct contact with an employee, but it will enhance our ability to "reach or touch" significantly greater numbers of employees, therefore, benefiting the employee and the organization.

LifeHub has ten life management hubs to which employees can return, over and over, to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. They are:

LifeHub does not just give you articles online; instead, we have created a complete Online Personal & Professional Development Desk Top Support System. We deliver:

LifeHub provides online health promotion which is available not only to employees but also their families. The program includes these elements:

LifeHub promotes higher productivity through better health and programs for optimizing performance.

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