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About Us

Freckman & Associates is committed to providing the highest quality employee assistance/worklife services available. The cornerstone of our organization is our commitment to quality, integrity and professionalism. Our first and foremost concern is that our clients are provided the highest level of quality services in a cost effective manner. We offer professional consultation, referral and counseling to assist individuals with a wide range of personal and professional concerns. Our purpose is to help our clients balance their emotional , practical and physical needs with the demands of their personal life and work.

Our commitment to quality services is evidenced by:

  • A national network of qualified work-life providers.
  • Accessibility - Our services are accessible 24/7/365.
  • Confidential - Clients are assured that information provided to the
  • EAP will be held in the strictest professional confidence.
  • Independent - Freckman & Associates is a Nashville based, independently owned company. This independence ensures that clients receive objective and appropriate referrals to the most qualified providers to assist them with resolving their problems.

We provide a unified service, capable of addressing daily stresses, major crises, and everything in between in an efficient and comprehensive manner. This includes the provision of confidential, professional, and comprehensive diagnostic, counseling, and referral services to employees and their families who are experiencing personal or professional problems.